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Nintendo DSi Console - Black 566/8973
Nintendo DSi Console - White 566/8966

* Order your new Nintendo DSi console

* The new Nintendo DSi console, with 2 bigger screens.

* 2 integrated cameras.

* Improved audio quality and volume.

* Built in SD slot allowing full music playback.

* Built in web browser.

* Downloadable software.

* And yet 12% slimmer than the Nintendo DS Lite!

* FREE DSi accessories kit when you pre-order the Nintendo DSi console - simply add 5660249 to your trolley as well as the catalogue number of the DSi console.

* Please be aware that on your till receipt there may be a different delivery date stating that it is before the launch date above. This is automated, delivery of your new Nintendo DSi console will be from 3rd April 09. We will contact you shortly before launch to arrange delivery to the address nominated.

* £5.80 home delivery charge applies to all pre-orders.

* All orders of the Nintendo DSi console with FREE accessories kit will be delivered from the date of launch.

* Argos will only take pre-orders against a pre-agreed launch allocation from the supplier. Argos will stop taking pre-orders once the launch allocation has been sold. Argos will never knowingly oversell the Nintendo DSi console.

* Argos will endeavour to deliver on the launch date. However, should the supplier fail to deliver to Argos on time or part deliver Argos launch allocation we will deliver to customers in strict chronological order, which may be after the launch date.

* Argos cannot be held responsible should the supplier delay the release of the Nintendo DSi console. Should this happen, Argos will keep you informed and either deliver on the revised launch date or offer a refund.




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