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A wild bear taken by poachers may have less than a 60% chance of surviving the non-medical procedure to create a permanent open wound in his abdomen from which bile can be drained, twice every day. Bile that's used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the wild, where he's free to roam, this bear might live to 25. Instead, if he survives the non-medical procedure he may live up to 10 years kept in a tiny cage, thrashing against the bars because he's unable to move around. Under-nourished and over-stressed, he'll be forced to lie there in pain, in his own filth. Farming bears for their bile is perfectly legal in China. And very profitable. But totally unnecessary. There are many TCM alternatives that do what bear bile is claimed to. Needless over production means an estimated 9,000 bears are tortured each day so their bile can also be used in shampoo, wine and even tea. This unwarranted procedure can be prevented with your help. By donating £3 a month to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, you can help us free animals from cruel practices like bear farming. Giving each month is important because it takes time, money and persistence to achieve legislation that outlaws cruelty to animals, to build and establish sanctuaries to rehabilitate rescued animals, and to change attitudes to animal welfare through education of children and communities. We also need resources to answer urgent calls for help from around the world.

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