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Do something amazing, support WSPA £3 a month can help us win the fight against the gruesome sport of bear baiting. Unending fear and agony of being attacked: that is the life of a traumatised bear trapped in the gruesome medieval “sport” of bear baiting. The terrified bear struggles against being dragged into the ring, as if he knows what is about to happen. He is tied to the ground with no escape, as dogs are goaded to maul him.

He is defenceless, because as a cub he suffered the trauma of having his teeth pulled out. He has only his weight in his favour, but that is no protection against the tearing jaws of up to six fresh pairs of dogs at each event. After each fight, he is left untended under the scorching sun.

Between events, his life is spent tethered on the short chain through his nose, so every movement hurts his sensitive nostrils. The victims of bear baiting suffer terribly. Bears are always injured, while dogs can be maimed or crushed as the bear fights for his life.

The WSPA needs to fund investigators who will find bears, identify their captors to police, then use the legal protection of the authorities to shut down the events and get the bears to safety. Your support will enable us to work alongside the authorities, positively encouraging them to end the distress of bears and dogs by shutting bear baiting down.

Ultimately, your generosity will help provide a far better life for the bears at the Kund Park Bear Sanctuary, in Pakistan, built by WSPA. A rescued bear cannot return to the wild, because he will need care and rehabilitation to treat his wounds. He will need special nutrition to rebuild his depleted health. He needs shelter, privacy and a vet’s help to work through the aftermath of so much violent abuse.
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