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Do something amazing, support WSPA Join WSPA today. And help take the factory out of farming. Right now, millions of pigs have no mud or straw to root in – just a windowless shed or tiny metal stall where there’s not even room to turn around.

Factory farming is simply the biggest single source of cruelty to animals in the world. Every year 61 billion farm animals are reared for meat, eggs and milk. The majority are kept in cruel and inhumane conditions. They live short, unnatural lives blighted by pain, ill-health, stress and misery.

By joining WSPA with a donation of just £3 a month, you can change this.

You can help us keep up pressure on farmers, governments and consumers all over the world. We work in the countries with the greatest animal welfare need because this gives us the best chance of ending factory farming.

Your donation could help us to:

· Change the way animals are farmed in the UK. We are working to educate consumers, as well as lobbying retailers and the government.

· Work with governments all over the world. In Taiwan, for instance, we successfully pressured the government to make sure every single abattoir worker is trained in humane slaughter.

· Prove that farming can be cruelty-free. Our humane free range farms in Brazil and China are showing farmers and governments that it’s possible to raise animals naturally and still make a profit.

WSPA is a global movement made up of people who are passionate about ending all forms of cruelty to animals. Because we’re backed by some of the world’s top animal and farming experts, farmers, governments and consumers are starting to listen to us. But we need your support to make it happen.

Please give a donation of £3 a month to support WSPA’s vital work with farm animals, as well as other animals suffering cruelty, neglect and exploitation all over the world.
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