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Do something amazing, support WSPA If you love animals, join The WSPA. £3 a month can help prevent the suffering and slaughter of stray dogs. In some countries, armed dog control officers randomly shoot dogs in crowded streets. They are only allowed one cartridge per dog. If not killed instantly, the dogs end up wounded, yelping in pain as they're thrown into open trucks and left to bleed slowly to death. Others will stagger off into the darkness to endure their agonising fate.

Shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution are just some of the ways countries, particularly those ravaged by war, famine or political upheaval, use to control stray dog populations.

Unfortunately, these barbaric methods are totally ineffective. Worse still, stray dog numbers are increasing around the world.

With your help, we can fight the slaughter. The WSPA is already providing much needed mobile clinics fitted with equipment and medical supplies, so dogs receive proper care in rural communities. We’re also educating governments and owners on practical solutions like sterilisation training and compulsory registration. But as you can imagine, there’s so much more to be done.

By donating £3 a month to The World Society for the Protection of Animals, you can become a member of The WSPA and help save stray dogs and other animals from cruelty.

Giving each month is important because it takes time, money and persistence to lobby governments to achieve legislation that outlaws the cruelty of animals. It helps build and establish sanctuaries to rehabilitate the animals you help rescue, change attitudes to animal welfare through education of children and communities. What’s more, we need your support to help answer urgent calls for acts of such cruelty around the world.
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