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Oxford Distance Learning College www.oxfordcollege.ac ODL is one of the leading suppliers of home study and distance learning courses in the UK. Students from every continent are able to study with Oxford College ODL on a range of courses. From A Level subjects, such as English, History, Psychology and Biology to many Diploma subjects, which include, Counselling, Life Coaching, Homeopathy and Sociology. Courses also include GCSE and Degree programs. With their staff of tutors and advisors, Oxford College ODL ensure that your academic goals are achieved.

Accounting (A2) 2121 A Level Accounting (AS) 1121 A Level Biology (A2) 9BI01 A Level Business Studies (A2) 2131 A Level Business Studies (AS) 1131 A Level Business Studies (Full AS+A2) 2130 A Level Classical Civilisation (A2) H441 A Level Classical Civilisation (AS) H041 A Level Economics (A2) 9EC01 A Level Economics (AS) 8EC01 A Level Government & Politics (A2) 9GPI01 A Level Government & Politics (AS) 8GP01 A Level Government & Politics (Full AS+A2) A Level History (A2) 9HI01 A Level History (AS) 8HI01 A Level History (Full AS+A2) A Level Law (A2) 2161 A Level Law (AS) 1161 A Level Law (Full AS+A2) 2160 A Level Sociology (A2) 2191 A Level Sociology (AS) 1191 A Level Sociology (Full AS+A2) 2190 A Level A Level Mathematics (A2) 9371 A Level A Level Mathematics (AS) 8371 A Level A Level Mathematics (Full AS+A2) A Level Abnormal Psychology Diploma Accounting (Full AS+A2) 2120 A Level Addiction Counselling Diploma Advertising Diploma Alexander Technique Diploma Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Aromatherapy Diploma Bereavement Counselling Diploma Biology (AS) 8BI01 A Level Biology (Full AS+A2) A Level Botany Diploma Business Administration Diploma Business Consultancy Diploma Canine Studies Diploma Career Coaching Diploma Change Management Diploma Child & Adolescent Counselling Diploma Child Coaching Diploma Child Development Diploma Childcare Diploma Classical Civilisation (Full AS+A2) A Level Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Clinical Science Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma Cognitive Therapy Diploma Compliance Management Diploma Counselling Diploma Criminology Diploma Debt Counselling Diploma Diet & Nutrition Diploma Drama Diploma Economics (Full AS+A2) A Level Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) Diploma Employment Law Diploma English Literature Diploma Environmental Studies (A2) 2441 A Level Environmental Studies (AS) 1441 A Level Environmental Studies (Full AS+A2) 2440 A Level Equine Science Diploma Family Counselling Diploma Feline Studies Diploma Flower Remedies Diploma Health & Safety Law Diploma Health & Social Care Diploma Health Coaching Diploma Human Resources Diploma Journalism Diploma Law Diploma Life Coaching Diploma Management Diploma Management Development Diploma Management Information Systems Diploma Marine Biology Diploma Marketing Diploma Media Studies Diploma Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma Nutritional Therapy Diploma Organisational Psychology Diploma Personal Training & Sports Coaching Diploma Philosophy Diploma Philosophy (A2) 2171 A Level Philosophy (AS) 1171 A Level Philosophy (Full AS+A2) 2170 A Level Portfolio Management Diploma Postgraduate Research Techniques Diploma Project Management Diploma Psychology Diploma Psychology (A2) 2181 A Level Psychology (AS) 1181 A Level Psychology (Full AS+A2) 2180 A Level Psychometrics Diploma Reflexology Diploma Relationship & Couples Counselling Diploma Risk Management Diploma Smallholding Management Diploma Sociology Diploma Sports Nutrition Diploma Sports Psychology Diploma Strategic Planning Diploma Teaching Business English Diploma Web Design Diploma Zoology Diploma




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