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Sainsbury's Diets

Sainsbury’s Diets is an online diet club that gives members two popular and effective weight loss methods – a Meal Plan and a Food Diary – all in one membership.

Option 1 A personalised Meal Plan
Get help with what to eat with their simple, easy to follow and nutritionally balanced meal plans. Choose from 8 weight loss plans:
Health & Vitality Plan, Vegetarian Plan, Avoiding Gluten Plan, Reduced Fat Plan, Feel Fuller Plan, GI Plan, Healthy Heart Plan, Higher Fibre Plan

Option 2 A Food Diary Service
Have freedom over your food choices. Just keep an online diary and stay within your personal targets.
No banned foods, Easy to follow, Ideal for choosy eaters, Realistic food targets

Included in your membership
Recipe Club: Over 1,000 recipes
Calorie calculator
Body Shape: Toning plan that works with your Meal Plan & Food Diary

Diet Forums: Get support from others. Join the Diet Forums The community is a great place to find encouragement. It's where you can share your frustrations if you've had a bad day, celebrate your weekly success and get tips and advice from other members. Join in and post messages, or just read what people are chatting about. Knowing that everyone's in it together and encouraging each other to succeed is a great motivator! Share tips & advice

Mobile: Take your diet with you, Access when you want

Get a Diet Buddy When you help someone else to achieve their goal, it can really encourage you to keep on track to your own target. This is why getting a Diet Buddy is so useful! As soon as you join, try searching for someone with a similar goal as you to team up with. Just use the 'Find Diet Buddy Search' option in the Diet Forums.

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