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Homebase Pet Insurance offer different types of cover for cats and dogs, because cats and dogs have different needs. Cover that's just for cats: - Choose from two levels of cover - Claim up to £2,500 vet fees cover per year - Save 10% when you buy online - Plus save an extra 10% for every extra pet - Save another 7.5% if your cat has a micro chip - cover from just £3.58 per month.

Cover that's just for dogs: - Choose from three levels of cover - Cover dogs from just 8 weeks old and up for vet fees - Go Platinum and claim up to £7,500 every 12 months, with no limit to the length of treatment - Save 10% when you buy online - Save an extra 10% for every extra pet - cover from just £7.07 per month As with all insurances terms and conditions apply, cover is provided as long as policies are renewed and premiums are up to date.

They know cats and dogs needs are different which is why they offer separate insurance cover for cats and dogs designed to meet their specific needs. Both types of cover offer a 10% discount when you buy online and allow you to choose the level of cover that you feel is right for your pet. With cover starting from £3.51 per month for Cat Care and £7.03 per month for Dog Silver cover, your pet could be covered for those expensive vets bills and that could save you a small fortune - in 2009 Homebase Pet Insurance claims showed, for example, it could cost £469 or more to treat your pet after a road traffic accident.




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