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TalkTalk UK

TalkTalk Mobile

TalkTalk Business Broadband

TalkTalk Essentials
For everyday broadband & phone users who want to make great savings

Unlimited downloads, Fast and reliable broadband
Free connection online
HomeSafe ™
Line rental monthly applies
Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines
Enjoy 10% off 16 phone numbers you call most with their calling circle
Their great new router
12 months contract
£50 welcome credit for all new line customers

TalkTalk Plus TV, broadband and phone
They aim to give customers the best rates on calls to UK, mobiles and international numbers.

How fast will my broadband be?
They'll give you the fastest broadband your phone line can handle. The top speed will depend on the quality of your phone line and where you live.

How much can I download?
As much as you want! Their Essentials package has an unlimited download allowance giving you access to as much music, film and TV as you like.

Can I keep my phone number?
Most customers can keep their existing phone number. However if you need a new phone line, are moving house or switching from Virgin Media they will provide you with a new phone line and a new phone number.

What happens if I'm switching from another broadband provider?
Switching to TalkTalk couldn't be easier. All you need to do is choose the package you want and they take care of the rest. Your old service will be cancelled as soon as your TalkTalk service starts so there won't be any overlap and you won't be double-charged. Your previous provider will credit you for any unused line rental.

What are the router specs?
- Great design unique to TalkTalk
- Their best wireless 'N' speed and range ever
- Power saving mode
- Auto wireless channel selection
- YouView Compatible
- 2 Ethernet Ports

TalkTalk - the new homephone service. Save up to 30% on your landline calls. Save on home phone bills. TalkTalk is the home phone company and has recently been voted ‘Best Value for Money’ in the uSwitch survey. Customers who sign-up to TalkTalk receive inclusive calls to all other TalkTalk customers across the UK (including Northern Ireland). Plus they are offering broadband upto 8 meg at no extra cost for customers who sign up to their Talk3 International tariff. Join nearly 3 million customers already talking for less.



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