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Citibank US Dollar and Euro Current Accounts

Citi International Currency, Citi US Dollar Current Account, Citi Euro Current Account. Citibank International offers a wide range of foreign currency accounts with the functionality to match.

Travelling overseas? Take your acount with you. Simply open a Euro or a Dollar current account and transfer your spending money into that account. If you fund your account in a currency other than the one of your account these funds will be converted into the currency of the account, using Citibank reference exchange rates. You can then withdraw Euros and Dollars or spend them using your Visa Citibank Debit Card when overseas.

Spend easy, spend less
Fee-free purchases abroad in US Dollars or Euros with your Citi Visa debit card*
Transaction fee-free cash withdrawals from Citi cash machines abroad in the currency of your account**

No monthly account fees
Free optional US Dollar cheque book with the US Dollar Current Account
Global access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through CitiPhone Banking and Citibank online
Citibank exchange rates apply to transfers across currencies***
Secure online code card protection

Giving you the international advantage
With no foreign currency commission charges1 for overseas purchases when you are in a country of the same currency as your account, you could make substantial savings. Credit and debit card providers can charge up to a 2.99% transaction fee for each transaction or withdrawal made outside of the UK. If you're someone who travels frequently, all those charges can soon add up.

Trouble-free travels
Not only will you get the added convenience of not having to buy travellers' cheques and exchange currency before and after you travel, but you'll also get the ease and simplicity of spending overseas just as if you were at home+. You will be able to make ATM cash withdrawals and debit card purchases, just as you would in the UK without added foreign transaction fees and fluctuating exchange rates.

Safer shopping online
Register for secure online code, our free card protection service and protect your card against unauthorised transactions when shopping online at participating retailers.

Citibank's reference exchange rates apply to transfers and transactions across currencies.

Easy to set up, fund and use
To open an account simply select 'apply now' below. Applying is easy and once your account is open, getting started is simple too. You can add funds to your account by transferring money from UK accounts.




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