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Whiskas Kitten Club

Signup to the Whiskas Kitten Club with a cat who is 12 months old or younger.

50% off your first Whiskas® Kitten Pouches purchase
Regular emails guiding you and your kitten through her first year
Vouchers for Whiskas® products, every so often
Access to all sorts of advice and info on their website, including video footage of their kittens.

They've drawn up lots of tips and tricks to keep your cat happy. 50% off your first Whiskas® Kitten Pouch when you sign up to Grow with Whiskas® You’ll get countless handy hints to guide you through your little one’s first year, along with money off vouchers and video footage of their kittens as they grow with yours. Join in and make the most of being a kitten owner. The Whiskas® Team

As kittens grow, they need good, well-balanced food to become strong and active cats. Whatever your kitten’s age, they can help guide you through the first 12 months. Money off, discounts and advice for your beloved cats.


Whiskas Kitten Food
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