NetQin Mobile Security Version 5.0 Antivirus Download S60 Update Virus Definition


NetQin Mobile Anti-virus NetQin Mobile Manager NetQin Mobile Guard NetQin Mobile Assistant

NetQin Mobile Security v5.0 is designed to protect Android devices against viruses and malware, while keeping your system running at optimum speed.

NetQin Mobile Manager is designed to keep users in control of their phone, with a private space within the phone.

NetQin Mobile Guard is designed to optimize system performance while minimizing the power consumption, and keeping users in control of the amount of internet usage.

NetQin Contacts Sync - Backup and restore contacts to their server to ensure you never lose them! This allows users to retrieve their complete contact list to the same or a different device, making sure the loss of a device does not equate to the lost of precious contacts.

NetQin has developed into the largest professional mobile security service provider in the world. NetQin Mobile Antivirus is a powerful, practical mobile phone antivirus software designed to provide complete protection for your mobile phone.

Fast full scan
NetQin’s optimization strategy ensures that complete, seamless scans are performed at super low resource expenditure without affecting any other mobile phone functions.

Safe and reliable network firewall protection
NetQin delivers fast, up-to-date protection at low traffic costs. Users are able to set up the scheduling of these updates for better convenience and operation performance.

Timely and accurate real-time monitoring
NetQin Mobile Antivirus carefully monitors all mobile files to detect and remove any malicious activity in a timely manner.

On-line update capabilities
NetQin has developed and launched the world's first phone edition network firewall that can recognize and stop any malware from operating.


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