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QuickBooks Pro 2016 (PC)2015 | PC by Intuit
QuickBooks Premier 2016 (PC)2015 | PC by Intuit
QuickBooks Pro 2016 Plus 1 Year Payroll subscription (PC)2015 | PC by Intuit

For 25 years, Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks; NASDAQ:INTU) has been helping small businesses start, grow and thrive. Today QuickBooks has been used by millions and millions of small businesses worldwide. QuickBooks UK accounting software are developed specifically for small businesses in UK to handle following tasks:

These are a few testimonies from QuickBooks users.

"It would really help you to be on QuickBooks because it keeps track of all of your bills, all of your invoices, who owes you money, who you owe money to, all that information is stored and kept organized. All you have to do at tax time is print out reports that your accountants needs. The invoices are much more professional."

"Someone should go look at QuickBooks because it will allow you to run reports, and basically show you are making money or not over a course of time. That would hopefully result in you being able to focus your energies in a much more efficient way."

"It's very convenient. It streamlines everything for business. Nobody wants to sit around doing invoicing. And I also like at the end of the year, you can pull down if you've done better or worse."

"QuickBooks saves me time from doing my accounting at night and allows me to easily track my customers and get their invoices out and track who's paid. I have peace of mind. And at the end of the day when everything is done, I can go to to bed not worrying about if I missed an invoice or if I missed something like an expense."

Is It Too Much to Ask That Your Accounting Software Help Increase Profitability?

We sure didn't think so when we built QuickBooks. We've included reports to help you find out what expenses you can cut (so you reduce costs, which makes you more profitable). You can track cashflow, too, and even find out which customers are making you the most money (so you can focus more of your attention on keeping their business).



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