3M UK Disposable Respirator Face Masks FFP2 8822 8710 9322 9332

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200 pks Disposable Face Masks | 3-Layer Breathable face mask with strong Elastic Ear loops | UK SELLER

Disposable Black Face_mask Box of 50 | Breathable Triple Layer Mouth Cover with Elastic Ear loops| UK Seller

Disposable 3-Layer Protective Face Masks, High Filterability, Suitable for Sensitive Skin (100) Brand: JB London

3M Half Facepiece Disposable Respirator Assembly 5301, Organic Vapor Respiratory Protection, Large(Pack of 1) by 3M

3M 4251+ Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters


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3M 9330+ Aura Fold Flat Unvalved Dust/Mist Respirator, FFP3

3M 8822 Disposable-fine dust mask FFP2 (10-pack)
3M Disposable Respirator 8822 provides lightweight comfort and effective respiratory FFP2 protection against dust and mists. The convex shape, twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes.

3M Disposable Respirator, FFP1, Unvalved, 8710, EN safety certified 8710E
EN149:2001 FFP1 CERTIFIED: Tested and certified to European standards

3M 8822 Cup Shaped Particulate Respirator - White (3-Piece)
3 pre-formed masks Protection FFP2

3M Aura Disposable Respirator, FFP2, Valved, 9322+SP
This pack contains 5 x 3M Aura 9332+ valved disposable respirators, individually wrapped for practical and hygienic storage prior to use. Higher level FFP2 protection, suitable for hazardous powders, biological agents, silica and fibres. Classification: EN149: 2001 FFP2 NR D APF 10.

3M Aura 9332+ Disposable Respirator FFP3 – Practical 3-panel design for improved facial movement and low breathing resistance - 5x 3M Aura disposable mask
Model Number 9332+SP
3M Aura 9332+ Particulate Respirator offers valved FFP3 protection against dust particles and nonvolatile liquids particles
CE Approved to EN 149:2001+A1:2009 / FFP3 NR D / TLV 50 / Disposable / Valved

3M 9332+ Flat Fold Particulate Respirator - White, EN safety certified by 3M
The product conforms to the protection level FFP3 and meets the safety requirements of the European standard EN 149: 2001 and A1: 2009 FFP3 NR D.
The right and convenient choice for toxic particles. The secret of the 3M Aura 9322+ particle mask is the hardly noticeable breathing resistance with reliable performance filter and the three-piece design. This allows the shallow folds of the mask on the carriage in the pocket and ease of speech while wearing. The mask is particularly pleasant on the skin, thanks to the soft inner fleece. With the use of the chin strap, it can be easily positioned and seated, thanks to the special design of the nose region. The integrated nose piece with sweat padding makes it the suitable partner for eyeglass wearers. Another comfort factor is the 3M Cool Flow valve technology, which facilitates the outflow of warm, moist air from the breathing mask and prevents heat build-up. The mask is suitable for roof insulation with insulating wool, the hard woodworking, wall and ceiling repairs. They can be folded flat and is thus practically to take along in your pocket.

3M Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters, 4251, EN safety certified
FFA1P2 R D protects against organic vapours, up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or 1000 ppm whichever is lower and 10 x WEL for particulates Exhalation valve centrally positioned for effective removal of heat and moisture
3M Maintenance Free Half Mask 4251 is a simple, lightweight and well-balanced respirator which requires no parts assembly or maintenance. Ready-to-use, this maintenance-free half mask is designed for effective and comfortable FFA1P2 R D protection against organic vapour and particulate hazards found throughout industry. Two large bonded carbon filters for low breathing resistance, low profile design for an ideal peripheral vision and soft, non-allergenic facepiece material with textured face seal. Respirators can be used until damaged, particulate filters clog, gas filters become saturated or after one month.

3M Reusable Half Face Mask, Medium, 6200, EN safety certified
3M Reusable Half Face Mask 6200 is economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and lightweight. Twin filter design for even distribution of weight and minimal obstruction to field of vision and bayonet connection fitting system to a broad range of filters to protect against gases, vapours and particulates.


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