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Body Jewellery Shop is a premier source of high-quality body piercing & fashion jewellery, with over 10,000 products all at fantastic, affordable prices. In addition they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over £10! They are a worldwide retailer of the finest body jewellery, piercing tools, giftware items and adult products available and have been developing an excellent brand name with customers since they started in 2000.

Ball Closure Rings # Bananabells # Barbells # Body Spirals # Circular Barbells # Clip-In Accessories # Fake Body Jewellery # Internally Threaded # Labret Studs # Navel Jewellery # Non Piercing Jewellery # Nostril Studs # Piercing Retainers # PTFE # Piercing Tools # Septum Jewellery # Tunnels & Plugs # Threaded Accessories # Tongue Ticklers

Types of Body Jewellery
Ball Closure Rings, Bananabells, Barbells, Body Spirals, Circular Barbells, Clip In Accessories, Flesh Tunnels, Internally Threaded, Labret Studs, Nose Studs, Piercing Retainers, Segment Rings, Threaded Accessories, Tongue Studs

Places on Body
Belly Button, Ear Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Lip Piercing, Labret Piercing, Madonna Piercing, Navel Piercing, Nipple Piercing, Nose Piercing, Septum Piercing, Surface Piercing, Tongue Piercing

Jewellery Material
Body Jewellery Material Amber, Bioplast, Blackline, Crystal Evolution, Glass, Gold Jewellery, Silicone, Silver Jewellery, Surgical Steel, Titanium, PTFE, Ultra Violet, Zircon Gold

Types of Jewellery
Non-Piercing Body Jewellery Non-Piercing Navel Jewellery, Fake Flesh Plugs, Non-Piercing Nipple Jewellery, Non-Piercing Nose Jewellery

Giftware Tools & Aftercare Aftercare & Healing, Cleaning Solution, O Rings, Piercing Retainers, Pregnancy Jewellery, Ring Opening Pliers, Tool Kits

Stretching Jewellery
Buffalo Crescents & Spirals, Surgical Steel Stretching Jewellery, Silicone Ear Retainer, Tapered Insertion Pins, Tunnels & Tubes

Fashion Accessories & Giftware Belts, Belt Buckles, Bra Straps, Piercing Gift Sets, Fimo Modelling, Hair Dreading, Stargazer, SteelX, Temporary Tattoos.



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