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Health Express Online Clinic - Established since 2002 and with thousands of patients, they are the 1st entirely online clinic for impotence, obesity, smoking cessation, erectile dysfunction, obesity, smoking and male hair loss. The service is confidential, secure and completely discreet. Treatments are available after a free online consultation with a qualified and experienced online doctor from the UK. is an online clinic for the treatment of a number of medical conditions including impotence, obesity and male pattern baldness. The service provides information on the each of the conditions and offers a free online medical consultation with a GMC registered UK doctor.

They have been established since 2002 and in that time have helped thousands of people just like you to successfully treat their medical conditions. In 2003 they became the first brand within the online clinic industry to become fully MHRA compliant, pioneering their consultation process which has become the standard within the the UK. Since then they have continued to remain at forefront of the online healthcare industry, striving to improve and better the service which they offer to patients.

They do not underestimate the benefits of having a face to face consultation with a doctor. However with the advent of the internet and with people's lives being busier than ever before, they act as a complementary aid in improving the lives of the many millions of people who want treatment for impotence, obesity and male pattern baldness in the UK. The first truely online clinic which conforms to MHRA guidelines.

Not directly advertising Prescription only Medicines
Providing information on conditions and possible treatments
Allowing free online medical consultations
Allowing a GMC regisitered doctor to perform a diagnosis
Emailing patients with personalised diagnosis and treatment options following a period of consideration by the doctor is part of Hexpress Limited a company of the British Virgin Islands.

- First Truly Recognized Online Clinic in UK
- Conforms to MHRA guidelines
- Unique Legal UK website
- Discreet, Confidential Buying Facility
- Next Day Delivery
- Free Online Medical Consultation With UK Doctors


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