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London Marathon at ebay

London Marathon Books at ebay

Running Mark's Marathon: The Making of a Mid-Life Marathon Runner
Paperback by Andrea-Louise Glenn (Author) 4/04/2017

From Parkrun to London Marathon: Jim Mowatt runs the marathon for Save The Rhino
Paperback by Jim Mowatt (Author) 11/01/2016


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Running the Smoke: 26 First-Hand Accounts of Tackling the London Marathon
Paperback by Michael McEwan (Author) 10/06/2016

It's just four times round the Village: A non runner's journey to her first marathon
Paperback by Helen Stothard (Author) 5/14/2013

Keep on Running: The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict
Paperback by Phil Hewitt (Author) 4/02/2012

Chris Brasher: The Man Who Made the London Marathon
Hardcover by John Bryant (Author) 3/15/2012

The London Marathon
Paperback by John Bryant (Author) 4/06/2006





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