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Best of the Best

Best of the Best

Win your Dream Car with Best of the Best, the airport and online car competitions company. Over 300 winners and £14m won in prizes since 2000. Choose From Over 150 Cars, With A Guaranteed Winner Every 2 Weeks.

Best of the Best Plc was established in 2000 and is located in major airports, shopping centres and online at At least once a month, someone is guaranteed to win a There is also a regular luxury Watch competition. In the past decade there have been hundreds of winners, taking home over £14 million worth of prizes.

Amazing range of supercars – quite simply, the "Best of the Best"
Free delivery all over the world.
Not a lottery - winning requires skill and judgement, play now.

David Coulthard is the brand's Ambassador
Playing online is easy - users only need to open an account to play in all Best of the Best competitions, giving people the chance to win the sorts of things they'd love to own, but maybe cannot quite afford or justify. The guaranteed winner of each competition is determined using a computerised 'Spot the Ball' competition, which players enter as part of the ticket buying process.

Types of Competitions:
Time Limited Competitions: These competitions run for a limited number of days, after which a guaranteed winner is announced. The winner doesn't have to be 'spot on'. When the clock stops, the closest entrant simply wins the prize. Most time limited competitions last for a period of 2-4 weeks.

Customer Loyalty Scheme
They encourage repeat visits and purchases by awarding players loyalty points and game credits. Whenever a purchase is made, loyalty points are awarded that can be redeemed against their Supercar competition or for items in the Best of the Best online store. In addition, players of their Supercar competitions can earn Game Credit for being close to the winning coordinates, giving significant savings on future purchases.

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